Cork Factory Tour

Cork Factory Tour

Visit a traditional cork factory

€14.50 Adults 18-59 years old
€7.25 Youths 6-17 years old

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To visit our cork industrial tourism is to offer the opportunity to contact on-site with the techniques and the entire operational chain involving the traditional processes of cork preparation and the visit to cork preparation factories.

The Algarve cork-oak forest also defines a vast ecosystem, very rich in fauna and flora dependent on it, forming a sheltered area with a dynamic that favours the development of numerous species that can be observed during the visits.

One of the differentiating factors of this tourist and cultural product is based on the valuation of a noble raw material that dignifies the history and cultural past of the region and transmits to the visitor the idea of sustainability and heritage to safeguard, promoting and valuing the cork-oak and the cork industry, which is so associated with the interior region of the Algarve and which is the means of livelihood of rural populations.

Thus, these highland populations are still strongly dependent on an agriculture, forestry and pastoral system, associated with the cork-oak forestry and rural ways of life, and they are strongly attached to the local traditions and products and there is a “generational” continuity in the production and extraction of cork.

Through a guided and interpreted itinerary, we intend to sensitize the visitors to the safeguarding and valuation of the cork-oak forest and the entire cork industry, highlighting its importance in terms of ecosystem and the species that depend on it.


Visit a traditional cork factory

Go to a cork shop to see some of the latest uses of cork in fashion acessories

Learn more a bout the processes involved in preparing cork

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Cork factory tour


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