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Yoga at the Beach

Yoga lagos strand

Price from €10,- per lesson.

Wednesday at 6 PM there is an all level yoga class of 60 minutes.

Acticate your whole body while you make physical movement to create mental stillness and is essentially a ‘moving meditation’, This yoga session is to energize the body and calm the mind.

Kim offers a Hatha Yoga Classes every Wednesday at 6 PM at the beach in Lagos.Beside this class it is also possible to book for Hatha or Yin Yoga private classes at your home or on the beach.

 About Hatha Yoga Classes:

Hatha Yoga class begins with some gentle exercises followed by a stream of sun salutations to warm up the body before moving on to varios sequences of traditional yoga poses (Asanas).

There is a strong focus on breathing and breathing techniques to encourage the flow from one pose to another.

The class is suitable for all levels.

 About Yin Yoga:

Yin yoga works deeply into our body with passive, longer-held poses.

It targets the deepest tissues of the body, our connective tissues – ligaments, joints, bones, the deep fascia networks of the body and the meridians. This is contrast to a Yang yoga practice such as Hatha yoga.

We invite you to enjoy these lessons by Kim

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Instagram: kimmy_algarve

Phone: +31647988667