Privé boottocht bij zonsondergang

Private boat trip at sunset

All ages • 1 hour • Private tour

Boat tour Algarve

€200 Private boats up to 16 people  All ages • 1 to 16 people


Enjoy your ride on a private boat



1 hour


The Royal Nautic offers you the perfect end to the day on a 1-hour boat trip between Portimão and Alvor. The coastal tour runs from Portimão Marina to the west, allowing you to capture some of the Algarve’s best scenery and enjoy a beautiful sunset.


  • Life jacket
  • Guide
  • Covid-19 briefing


This tour is prohibited for pregnant women and people with back problems.

Safety procedures:

•Remain seated during the tour;
• Getting in and out of the boat ask the help of the crew;
• Always stay in the boat in the caves;
• The use of the life jacket is required by law;
• Disembarking is not allowed inside the caves;
• Follow the crew’s instructions.

Terms and Conditions:

It is advisable to wear clothes and clothes suitable for the season of the year;
Check-in for the tour must be done 30 minutes before the tour time, at the kiosk in Portimão Marina;

The company is not responsible for related goods and personal effects, nor for personal accidents;

The company reserves the right to cancel tours derived from the weather;

Firing individual negligence vests costs the customer €90;

Any employee can request the identification of the children to verify their age.

The skipper of the boat reserves the right to cancel the tour at his own discretion, taking into account the safety conditions of the boat, crew and customers on board.